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About Frilly Tushies

Frilly Tushies baby bloomers  started in February 2010. I remembered looking around at how a gorgeous outfit was spoilt by the sight of disposable nappies. We started with white bloomers, and lace ruffle bloomers so that they could be worn under little dresses. The first coloured bloomer, named Annabel was created when we realised that Frilly Tushies were too pretty to stay covered up and they were an instant hit.

The Frilly Tushies collection now includes nappy covers for boys, dubbed Tuff Tushies. These designs have the same great comfort features, minus the girly ruffles. Some have a pocket on the back giving it the boyish touch. The range uses fabrics with patterns like cars and dinosaurs.

We try to keep in front of the coming trends by selecting popular and exciting fabrics for each new design we create. We promise to continue the basic range of bloomers and to extend the range with special limited edition styles so that you will always find a pair of Frilly Tushies to coordinate with your pint-sized princess’ current outfit.

Frilly Tushies are popular across many demographics – grandmas are reminded of the lacy bloomers available when they had babies of their own and mums today know that they will find a Frilly Tushie to match every little girl’s personality, In our hot Australian climate, Frilly Tushies are perfect worn on their own or with a cool singlet.

Owner Sandra Robertson had a business importing children’s clothing prior to creating Frilly Tushies. She had pop-up stores in shopping centres throughout New South Wales and often sold these clothes at festivals and markets. Since embarking on the Frilly Tushies journey, Sandra has made baby bloomers the sole focus of her business.