Better Late Than Never

 My News Years Resolution was to write at least a monthly blog,

well 4 months in and i haven’t touched it,

last post was nearly 2 years ago OMG cant believe how quick that has gone.

Easter has come and gone leaving behind a few extra kilos from all the chocolate munching

ohh well winter is nearly here easier to disguise.

Here at Tushie HQ we have been busy making our fur vests and hoping to add some reversible jacket and pant sets.

Have a great Anzac Day talk soon 


Happy Birthday to us



wow the last 12 months have sure gone fast.There has been some ups there has been some downs,but most of all we have enjoyed the whole rollercoaster.when i look back to our first ever pair of tushies and how long they took to make i have a little chuckle,we are just home sewers with a couple of older sewing machines putting along,that never expected our little business to grow so quickly,boy were we niave our first wholesale order comes in and we realize they have to have care labels AHHHH where  on earth do we get those…. we have learnt alot along the way, have had many a sleepless night,but wouldnt change a thing well most things.

we have been very lucky to have Sara from Sara-Jade Photography take the most devine pictures for us,and where would we be without the hard work of nik mciver from Wholesalebaby

but most of all we thank all our wonderful stockists and buyers who without there wouldnt be Frilly Tushies

so have a big slice of cake on us




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